Children´s Birthday Parties

An adventure for children from 6 to 13 years

In a varied about 2½ hour programme the birthday child and their guests trace the footsteps of the Romans. 

Programme points

  • Age-appropriate museum tour 
  • Dress up as a Roman soldier, officer or Roman lady
  • Film in the museum cinema
  • Small present for the birthday child

Other possible activities:

  • minting Roman coins
  • paper crafting, soldiers, towers, etc.
  • Roman draughts in a leather pouch (+ game board)
  • cast a Medusa relief
  • make a Roman necklace (from 9 yrs) and/or ring
  • writing in ancient times (from 9 yrs)

85 Euro plus 2 Euro entry per child
Free drinks

Please feel free to bring snacks and cakes. 

Registration/Booking: 14 days before the planned date, at the latest