We are delighted that you would like to visit the Limes Museum with a school class!

To make the preparation and actual museum visit easier we have put together useful information for you.


A special feature of the museum is definitely the large, more than 7 meter long diorama with its ca. 2,000 pewter figures, that lets the beholder visualise life in the fort, on a Roman estate up to the surveillance of the Limes. 

On the top floor, the museum cinema invites you to experience „Roman Antiquity“.

On request

Roman every day and military clothing: various Roman garments, such as tunics, shawls and pallas but also chain mails, helmets and shields can, of course, be tried on. 
You can also book a fashion show.

Museum pack: Inside you will find things that are normally hidden behind glass.

Roman games: Replicas of Roman games can be found and used on the museum grounds.

Our youngest visitors can obtain cut-out sheets from the museum counter. 

If you have any further questions please contact our museum pedagogical team per email to: or on 07361 52-8287-0 or -22.

Our Rules


  • touch the delicate wall texts and original finds. 
  • bring food and drink into the exhibition areas.


  • touch and hold marked replicas in the presence of a carer/supervisor. 
  • get writing pads for the quiz and independent work at the museum counter. 
  • eat and drink in the foyer area where there is a drinks machine.