The Limes museum is open again!

The Limes Museum in Aalen will be open for the public again, at the usual times, from Saturday, 9 May 2020, This became certain, after restrictions were eased and updated Corona regulations allow the state to open the museum again.

An important component on the Limes: The Limes museum in Aalen.
An important component on the Limes: The Limesmuseum in Aalen. (© Stadt Aalen)

Preparations for the reopening are running at full speed.

At present, the Limes museum is being equipped with the necessary protective measures. Visitors are asked to comply with the usual hygiene and social distancing rules and to wear a face mask during their visit.

Regrettably, guided tours and events are not possible at present.

In the event of a heavy rush of visitors, we ask you to first visit the Archaeology Park open-air exhibition ground, so that the maximum permitted museum visitor numbers are not exceeded.


Questions and information:

St.-Johann-Straße 5, 73430 Aalen,

Opening Times:
Tuesday to Sunday and Bank Holidays from 10 to 17 hours

© Stadt Aalen, 11.05.2020